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Prix 1987 - 2007

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Station Rose

Station Rose (D), founded in 1988 by Elisa Rose and Gary Danner, who understand themselves as propagators of a new culture of consdousness, as INTERFACE DESIGNERS, based on classic fine arts and the myths and rituals of pop culture. Station Rose has produced recordings, Videos, installations, fashion since 1979. Station Rose has lived and worked in Frankfurt/Main since 1991.

Our concept is the transposition of "Station Rose" from its form as a multimedia marketplace in Vienna from 1988-90 to Cyberspace. As a result of being sited in Internet since 1991 (through the WELL, San Francisco), artistic contacts and exchanges with like-minded people from a "Global Sprawl Community" have been continuously developing, which with the help of hyperlinks is an advantage for the exchange of non-verbal, multimedia data. "Station Rose's" digital art is constantly updated on the site. Our page is dedicated to the presentation of "Station Rose's" art and the demonstration ofa possible form of hypermedia, non-verbal communication and is less concerned with textual discussions or theories about Cyberspace.

"Our engineers, programmers, scientists have given our species the technology to think and communicate in multimedia electronic forms. The next stages involve popularizing, personalizing, humanizing electronics. This will require the dedication of creative artists. To put it simply - the function of the human being in electronic future is to be multimedia artist-creator." (Timothy Leary) An important part ofthe "Station Rose" page is nevertheless the "Soneka"-Zine, an "electronic zine". This will be launched in 1994/95 with two (verbal) discussions on the phenomenon of Techno.