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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Francis Lam

When "db-db" just started two years ago, it was solely a personal experimental portfolio site showing some of my works and daily photos. The first version of the site used a subway train platform with some tiny pixel passengers as the navigation. The second version of „db-db“ was more like a design community site; it was added in more sections like design news, interview and some featured projects. A Flash-based multi-user playground was created and put on top of the whole site; people could visualize each other by some simple interactions like WALK, TALK and PEE. The whole site was then turned into an entire Flash site for this reason.

The latest version is called "db-db version 2.5 OUR.DESIGN.PLAYGROUND". It inherits the basic backend infrastructure of the version 2.0 site. The interface and navigation are refined. The main focus is trying to make db-db become "OUR design playground" and more collaboration work would be found.