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ORF Oberösterreich

Injunction Generator

A service brought to you by ubermorgen.com via IPNIC.org

Is there any web-site you wanna take off the web using a highly subversive method?

On our server, you auto-generate an “injunction” (.pdf /.rtf format), a standard court-order, claiming the target-website to operate on an illegal basis, this document will then be sent to the appropriate DNS-registrar [DNS = domain name service], to the owner of the web-site and possibly to some journalists for legal and public processing. All you have to do is to simply fill out a form and send it off: it will take you not more than 15 minutes; if the web-site is taken down we will inform you via email.

This very useful platform [ipnic] grew out of our project [V]ote-auction. During the [V]ote-auction operation in fall 2000, an American court [circuit court of Cook County, Chicago] issued a temporary injunction, against the “individuals” [ubermorgen, James Baumgartner, and others] behind [V]oteauction. This injunction was then sent out per email to Corenic, the DNS-registrar in Geneva / Switzerland. After receiving this email, Corenic decided to shut down all DNS-services on the domain vote-auction.com without notice. The jurisdiction of an American court order does obviously not include Switzerland, the delivery of a court-order cannot be official via email; nevertheless we were offline but, thanks to this creative action and reaction, we were inspired to build a public shutdown-service.

You can find some documentation of our [V]ote-auction "MEDIA HACK“ at http://vote-auction.net or check out the Google database.