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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Sinplex Show
Shinya Yamamoto

I once visited Japan’s oldest private house with two other friends. We were sitting on a porch, doing nothing, when we saw water dropping from the straw-thatched roof. The image I had at the time made me want to create Sinplex. In the beginning I put in sound, and it had color, so it was not monochrome. But after going through a number of processes, it became what it is like now.

I dropped the sound and color in the course of assembling the concept. The Web has its unique way of stimulating the creation of works, one of which is that you can keep changing them to match the image you want to create. You can continue to add or subtract content indefinitely, instead of saying "OK, it’s completed as is”. It may incorporate thousands of complex elements in the process stage, but the important thing is to simplify them in order to adequately express all the elements.

A work is not only there for people to look at; it is also there for me to have fun with. I want to show to other people something I myself enjoy making. This is the most important concept. It is totally meaningless to show to other people things that you find no fun looking at. By having many people look at my works, I can learn different ideas and ways of thinking.