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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich


What is TraceNoizer?

TraceNoizer – Disinformation on Demand calls attention to the issue of electronic surveillance on the Internet and as a service offers a strategy to counter it. There is information about most people in the Internet. We call that thedatabody. Often, one cannot delete this information. To protect this data, one has to systematically falsify this information. TraceNoizer does exactly that: it offers the opportunity to clone the databody, disperse the clones throughout the Internet and therefore make relevant Information difficult to pinpoint: Spreading Disinformation as a disguise.

How do I use TraceNoizer?

First, enter your first name and your last name into the form on the TraceNoizer homepage, then click on "Feed". TraceNoizer searches for information connected to your first name and surname on the Internet, then analyzes it using statistical means. Finally TraceNoizer generates a personal homepage for you. This homepage contains text and pictures connected to your name which are structured in a thematic manner.

If you agree with this page you have the option of automatically uploading it on a webserver offering free webspace(like yahoo geocities http://www.geocities.com). At the same time, the URL of this homepage will be passed on to search-engine indexing robots. Within a few weeks the clone-page should surface in the result if someone queries a search engine with your name. But this is not enough. So that the search-result really changes more false tacks need to be laid. Therefore TraceNoizer will generate more clone-pages, which all differ minimally. They are loaded automatically on servers offering free webspace, their URLs are passed on to the indexing robots. In this way the databody is continuously being adulterated with thematically related information and disinformation. Because of the close thematical relation between information and disinformation, one cannot distinguish one from the other and the databody is successfully disguised.

How do I control my clone-pages? Can I delete them?

You administer your clone-pages through the Clone Control Center. Before uploading your page on a free webserver, you are asked to enter a username and a password as well as an email address. Using the username and password you can log into your personal Clone Control Center at any time. It allows you to view the structural composition of your clone and also provides a link to the clone-page as well as an instrument to delete clones which do not fulfill your expectations. The email address is needed to automatically send you the links to your clone-pages.