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Prix 1987 - 2007

Ars Electronica Linz & ORF Oberösterreich

Manuel Fallmann

The Internet is the ideal medium for making animated works and games created on the computer accessible to the public. Many of the animated short films, games and images which I have created over the last years can be found on a number of different larger web sites, yet they all originally set out into the big wide world of the Internet from my home page: MINDistortion—the mind, human thought and reason, and its distortions. At this web site, all of my ideas can be found in digitalized form. Or at least all those that I have been able to realize so far. For instance, Dependency, a film about a captive dolllike being on its quest for independence and freedom; Perish, a sad story, told backwards and which was, admittedly, inspired somewhat from Christopher Nolan’s film Memento. Other works include the animations o fortuna and system interrupted, both of which were particularly timeconsuming, and I’m accordingly proud of them.

For some time now, visitors to the MINDistortion forum have been able to exchange ideas and experiences, and a small but splendid community has emerged.

Animotion, a game which evolved from what began as a programming experiment, gives users the possibility to try their hand at animation and enables them to save their creations online. Moreover, visitors to my site can also submit and exhibit their own drawings and animated sequences—for after all, the Internet is just teeming with creative people …

Animotion began as a small programming experiment and ended as a kind of online animation program. A large number of object libraries as well as diverse backgrounds and music are available to users, and with them they can create short animated sequences. After a while, due to all the positive feedback, I added a storage and loading function to the program. Ever since, the Animotion data bank has been enriched daily by a few new short films.