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Prix 1987 - 2007

Ars Electronica Linz & ORF Oberösterreich

Hello, world!
Yunchul Kim

Hello, world! _an analogue memory
Every given (data) is a syntactic encoding and requires a body which acts as medium or memory. The body can be long or short lived.

Hello, world! _a homeostatic machine
In Hello, world! the body is composed of acoustic vibrations which are channelled through a system of pipes. In order to transform such a short-lived body into a long-lived one, a circular, causal process is required. Since the feedback has both explosive and implosive qualities, a selfregulating system, based on observational and dynamic behaviour, is used to maintain the physical balance. For only then is it possible to use this body as memory

Hello, world! _an acoustic delay line
In a closed system consisting of a computer, a loudspeaker, 246 meters of copper pipes and a microphone, a codified auditory signal (feedback) circulates. Through the acoustic delay in the pipe system, it is possible to store data. The longer the system of pipes, the larger the delay, and this means greater memory capacity. With 246 meters of pipes, the delay is approximately 0.8 seconds. This is the equivalent of 1 kilobit memory capacity.

Hello, world! _a volatile bit
One day, quite unexpectedly, I received a package in the mail from my home country. When I unwrapped everything, I found a rice cake that was a bit off. This made clear to me how far away I was from my home country in both time and space. “The medium also determines the meaning of a message and brings out a dynamic ability in the receiver.” Hence the rice cake (body) became a given (data) unintended by the sender.