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Prix 1987 - 2007

Ars Electronica Linz & ORF Oberösterreich

Joan Leandre

…“This is the true story of Root being confused when reading lines of code from right to left in a blind act of transparent reduction. After the day of the Kernel, the sim pilot was trying to land the Iron Bird, the engines were screaming and the navigation instruments didn't respond to the usual protocol. The gauges were like sound artefacts drawing polygons in such a way that the landscape became geometry. According to the information given by the instruments there was only one airport available for landing…close to the latitude S16° 30.8432' and the longitude W68° 10.1797', elevation 100.000 ft above sea level. Up there, air was and the sky would be like a dark promise of no time and no space. By the time the prototype aircraft climbed to such an altitude strong winds from the north made the landing procedure a nightmare. Suddenly the airplane stalled and crashed, a bright red light moved from 1024v 333h to the right in a loop of 336 degrees… everything seemed to break into lines and colors. The adequately strong structure resisted the incredible impact however. An invisible force modified the main angle of the earth and the perpetual flight started with no destination but its own departure point…jr. Kubasic…in the name of Kernel!…” retroyou_nostal (G) is a software research project that started in 1999 with retroyou_ RC. Both have the objective of transforming and reducing the original programs into self-playable interrupted simulation environments with a minimal of unfriendly expression, the magic of the hexadecimal editor and the permutation of the collapsed software elements. The nostal(G) series is composed of four extreme variations, and step by step all the narratives and principal functions are reduced to the basic core of the program:

…Air Forced One!…: a presidential 747-400 has been transformed into a glider which flies backwards in a world which seems to be normal.

…Love Clouds!…: most of the aircraft in the simulator have been transformed into absurd prototypes with incredible aerodynamics almost impossible to be controlled by a human pilot.

…Low Res Sim!…: all the geographical data of the world has been erased, only one airport remains. Only three aircrafts remain: a weird balloon, a black random flying prototype and an ultra high-speed extreme jet.

…in the Name of Kernel!…: navigation instruments and gauges have become unreadable, aerodynamics are impossible to control except under autopilot mode. The representation of the landscape is transformed into a storm of polygons in the core of the program. Simulation is self-playable.