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Prix 1987 - 2007

Ars Electronica Linz & ORF Oberösterreich

Mi Vida
Israel Martínez

Mi Vida (“My Life” or “My Dear” in English) is a sound piece based on the narrative of a ride in a car that finishes in a tragic accident, so this narrative is not linear, is not developed from the beginning to the end.

Mi Vida was composed using sounds of automobiles: motors, parts, interiors, accessories, trajectories, crashes, etc., the majority processed digitally. The title has a double meaning in Spanish and is a reflection of the importance of the automobile in our society, having become a vital part in the life of millions of people. It also refers to someone calling the car “my dear” as a life ends in an automobile accident.

I divided the ride into different moments, from the beginning to the accident. I thought in the sounds of each moment, such as the motor running, alarm, crash, etc. Finally, I composed the piece not using the logical sequence of the ride and the accident; I used the moments in a different sequence, linking the parts through musical sense and digital processing.

I used field recordings of car sounds that I made some years ago. I used some samples too, such as in the car crash. I made the recordings using a DAT recorder and then I put the sounds into my computer. All the sounds were processed on a laptop using various software.