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Prix 1987 - 2007

Ars Electronica Linz & ORF Oberösterreich

touched echo
Markus Kison

touched echo is a minimal medial intervention in public space. The visitors of Brühl's Terrace (Dresden, Germany) are taken back in time to the night of the terrible air raid on February 13, 1945. In their role as a performers they put themselves in the place of the people who covered their ears against the noise of the explosions. When they lean on the balustrade with their hands over their ears, the sound of airplanes and explosions is transmitted from the vibrating iron railings through their arms and directly into their inner ear (bone conduction).

touched echo is being realized within the scope of a scholarship granted by the Saxony State Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts and supported by Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau and Schlösser und Gärten Dresden, Geschäftsstelle Zwinger/Brühlsche Terrasse.