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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Jürgen Oman, Raimund Schumacher

What is (conspirat).? It is difficult to pin it down, since this association is actually quite broad. People come and go, contribute their parts to the whole. (conspirat). produces texts, music, animations, installations, films, graphics and other types of actions, that often seem absurd at first glance. (conspirat). is simply a group of school students from the secondary technical school HTL 1 Linz, Goethe straße, from the department of graphics and communication design, who have set themselves the goal of being good. That means that there is no goal at all, but rather a perpetual and end less process that does not require planning. At school we disco vered that we would prefer to implement experimental, sometimes insane and sometimes insanely idiotic works, which tend to deviate from the classical expectations of the teachers.

The most recent projects have been an advertising campaign for the Euro with three spots and a background video for a phantomschmerz concert. A subgroup of (conspirat). is the music group "phantomschmerz" (http://besu.ch/phantomschmerz), which describes itself as a digi tal noise combo, meaning that sheet metal, barrels, disturb ances and the wildest frequencies, but also classical musical instruments are sampled, composed together with the cheapest music hard ware and given crazy texts. The (conspirat). works are rarely created in teamwork, because ultimately everyone has his own ideas. What we have in common, though, is a somewhat abnormal sense of humor that serves as a foundation for the projects.


This year's Golden Nica for the Cybergeneration is awarded to the two 19-year-old final year technical secondary school students, Raimund Schumacher and Jürgen Oman, for the overall work and concept of the student group (conspirat)., the core of which is represented by these two Upper Austrians. (conspirat). defines itself as a group of school students, who have set themselves the goal of being good: in other words there is no goal at all, it is a continuous and endless process that needs no planning.

The work by (conspirat). is multidimensional and ranges from the creation of various animations and video films, through the composition and production of original music pieces to the redesigning of hardware and ultimately a presentation of their projects on the Internet (http://besu.ch/phantomschmerz).

The jury was especially impressed by the animation "personal factory", representing the inner life of a kitchen appliance in a very aesthetic way, as well as by some of the group's musical compositions.

The prize is awarded for style, concept and execution, as well as the overall appearance and power of the works. (conspirat). makes use of all the media available to them.