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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Alexander Fischl, Gregor Koschicek

The year 2000. Object of many superstitious prophecies. Will it bring the dawn of a new era of humanity or perhaps the end of the world?

Our animation is intended to draw attention to the dangers that could result from carelessness and ignorance. The malfunctioning of the computers controlling nuclear weapons.

Everyone can decide for themselves what the video expresses, because it represents

a) a criticism of nuclear weapons,

b) a criticism of our trust in modern technologies,

c) a criticism of underestimating serious situations,

d) a parody of a certain operating system (the name has been changed).

The observer finds himself in a nuclear weapons base, several seconds before midnight. As he journeys through the events, he is accompanied by an interview that is intended to convey the actual year 2000 problem: an underestimation of and disregard for the dangers that could result from our technologies.

"Von Ignoranten, Betriebssystemen und Atomraketen" ("Of Ignorants, Operating Systems and Atomic Missiles") is a computer animation by two young people from Vienna, respectively 18 and 19 years old, who explore the Y2K problem in their work in a very ironical and critical way.
In a very appealing way, the animation shows what dangers the computer may hold for us at the change of the millennium. Sensitive systems get out of control and atomic missiles are accidentally launched. The two final-year school students are not reserved about taking successful swipes at major software manufacturers and commonly used operating systems in their work either.