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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Free Appiances in a Dill Sauce
Rania Ho

Free Range Appliances in a Light Dill Sauce is an exploration of anthropo morphic qualities inherent in household appliances and an irreverent look at the meaning of "smart" appliances. Kitchen gadgets are liberated from their mundane existences and taught motor skills, enabling them to fully realize their suppressed ambulatory desires.

Each of the appliances have been retrofitted with "state of the art" mechanics and sensors. Each machine has been carefully and lovingly enhanced in accordance with its individual personality The work is done the old-fashioned way: handcrafted by skilled artisans living in the depths of the remote island Manhattan. This timeworn process is the key to our success. Most of our products are photosensitive and react to the bright lights. Of course, all of them are friendly and enjoy the company of humans. Shining an ordinary household flashlight directly on the body of any one of the appliances will cause it to move towards the light. Removing the flashlight will cause it to seek light and heat elsewhere. Some days, if the machines are in a good mood, they may break out in a celebratory dance. We hope you enjoy our free Range Appliances in a Light Dill Sauce. If you're happy, they're happy.
Battery replacement and periodic battery charging is needed.