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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Joseph Michael

Theoretically, a Holodeck is a room where you interact with computer generated holograms as if they were real.That is not technically feasible by the very nature of the physics of the problem, but a close second can now be achieved with VR helmets and advances in fractal robotics. A person wearing a portable computer and VR helmet enters a holodeck made of fractal robots.The VR helmet fools the eyes into believing the person is somewhere where he or she is not.The helmet video computer is connected by an infra-red link to the room made of fractal robots, and this room changes shape like computer controlled clay to match the objects seen in the visor, so that everything seems real to the touch. Fractal robots are a new kind of robot made of mechanized cubic bricks of different sizes (i.e. "fractal" cubes) that each move under computer control. Controlled by a computer, a collection of such bricks re-arrange themselves to make shifting walls, doors, windows, walkways, stairs, tables, chairs, etc. within seconds. Smaller bricks imitate finer features. A hall divided into 4 rooms could become an infinite maze as you travel from room to room. The room that you are in, that you were in, and that you are about to enter, will remain static, while the fourth room has been reshaped into a different room since the last time you entered it. As the number of rooms and floor levels is increased, the possibilities become endless. Anything from computer generated maze games to holodeck specific movies can now be produced. You could be fleeing from aliens or you could be chasing actors as they play out the action from room to room. Imagination is the limit for mass entertainment applications of Holodeck.
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