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Free B92
Help B92 Coalition

Free B92 is a website established by the Help B92 coalition. The site is edited and published by the B92 team of journalists and associates, working from various parts of the world. Free B92 will focus on providing the international public with information on the status of independent media in Yugoslavia. Free B92 will also work on projects to support journalists and media in various kinds of jeopardy. The first of these projects was launched by AMARC, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, on May 3,World Press Freedom Day. Similar projects will be launched by various divisions of the former Radio B92. The B92 Publishing Division will prepare a presentation for the Frankfurt Book Fair. ProFemina and Rec magazines will publish in electronic format and lead discussions on the status of artistic work. The Cinema Rex team will prepare projects presenting alternative art events by Yugoslav artists who happened to be outside the country when war broke out. These projects will also assist in promoting the work of artists still in Yugoslavia.

Information and contributions from a number of associates will also be published on the Free B92 site. These will throw more light on the bombing of Yugoslavia and the consequences of this.

The common aim of these projects is to preserve the spirit of professionalism which has been stripped from everyday communication in Yugoslavia through the Belgrade regime’s banning and takeover of Radio B92.