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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Global Clock Project
Masaki Fujihata

Masaki Fujihata (J), born 1956, BA in 1979 and MA in 1981 at Tokyo University of Arts/design course; 1982-1990 business career, Board Member of Japan Animation Film Association, since 1987 Member of ASIFA, since 1990 Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information at Keio University.

The "Global Clock Project" is a visualization of the earth as a clock, using light sensors connected through the Internet to any other site anywhere in the world. The light sensors in various parts of the world transmit the real-time brightness ofthat specific location. The "Global Clock" server receives real-time parameters from the light servers and maps them onto an image of the globe. The natural phenomenon of the gradual shifting of the light area on the globe and the shadow area on the globe occurs because of the rotation of the globe itself. People may recognize that this was the origin of the "clock". Sharing ideas and collaborating to create new emphases are natural characteristics of the Internet as a media space. The Internet itself is based on a concept of "global conciousness". The "Global Clock Project" cannot be realized without collaboration from sites all over the world. We could say the project is a form of "visualization of collaboration".

This project is appealing, because it calls attention to the fact that we all live by sharing this place called "The Earth", and we must all work together to live on this planet.