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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Time as Code: Chronokratie
Peter Weibel

In Peter Weibel's computer animation "Time as Code", patterns such as moiré emerge with changing shapes and colours - just like with the help of a turntable.

In "Time as Code: Chronokratie", a grid of horizontal lines was created with the computer (IBM AT with Targa 16 card, Artworks Environment and Tips software) . This grid was then superposed in 2 to 6 layers and logically and systematically programmed to spatial vectors: countersensed, symmetrically, vertically, laterally, rotationally, delayed, simultaneously etc. By using this self-operation of a grid image ("the real thing") upon the grid system of the electronic image as such, the scanning principle of the cathode ray tube (the "imaging apparatus"), one could induce automatic, self executing pattern making processes (moiré, rings etc) as well as auto-colouring based upon the principles of colour addition and colour subtraction. A very self reflexive, auto-creative, auto poetic work, completely abstract and synthetical, but taking its visual language not from some obscure metaphysical spirituality, but from the scientific, rational, technical / technological foundations of the machine as such, and is insofar related to the new tendencies of fine arts (like "Neo Geo").

As a self-reflecting / reflective opus, it is even more the work of the (artificial) conscience, insomuch as self-reflection is generally accepted as a primary element of consciousness as such. So this work somehow shows the "Consciousness of The Machines".

The Time Code is not only an important tool in creating electronic images, but in our "Era of Acceleration", the whole culture is under the Law of Time Code. Today, as the Reign of Time has arrived, the Time Code has become the universal code. A fight for time as a means of production is raging: the Capitalism of Time fights with the Slaves of Time, who buy their time, take loans and mortgages, lease their time. And on the other side, there is the Aristocracy of Time, who controls time as capital. "Time for sale" (time is money = time is number) is what it says on the gates to the industrial society. Chronometry and chronocraty, the measuring of time and the reign of time, these are the basic features of the new society, this is the ,,social" message of this chronolytical computer animation.