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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Yoichiro Kawaguchi

When using artificial intelligence as the basis for formative principles images which are almost psychedelic are being created. Yoichiro Kawaguchi uses such images in HDTV.

Although I have been working in computer graphics for many years, finishing a piece always means that I must find a platform to display it. I had always wanted to avoid bad habits and complete at least three works a year by increasing the capacity of the computer, but I´m afraid I cannot escape my dream of working on the new HDTV format.

In HDTV, you can use all new media for the implementation of organic colour and the forming principles. Be it turtles, birds, or fish, in any case, their external colour depends on the environment that can be simulated by Artificial Intelligence technology, implementing the change of colour and texture on the time axis. The research in developing animal morphology through Artificial Intelligence methods has led me into the universe of life. Ever since I started working in this field, I no longer decide about shapes and development beforehand, but use formative principles in order to let the shapes develop for themselves. I think this approach is fruitful for the development of a theorem of ambiguity. Even if I have no clear idea about the details of shape development, I can achieve previously unknown shapes just by defining a production condition for the development of such shapes. I tried this method for the first time in 1975-76, and developed a "growth model" by translating the universal growing phenomena of branches, into a formula useable on the computer.

I am interested in living organic shapes, in living things. As my work proceeds, I try to discover deeper and deeper principles underlying the generation of form - morphogenesis. When I was in Sao Paulo for a computer art conference last year, I took a canoe trip up the Amazon. It was incredible - the huge snakes, the alligators and so on.In Australia, I saw giant lizards, perfectly adapted to their environment. I saw the Grand Canyon. Stunning. There is nothing like it inTokyo. And from these experiences I started thinking about possible forms and shapes, thinking "What if I combined the Grand Canyon and a sea cucumber?"