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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Ohne Titel I
Peter Kogler

The monochromatic, ornamental images of "Ohne Titel I" by Austrian artist Peter Kogler are created in combining silk screen printing on canvas with computer drawings.

Since 1984 Peter Kogler uses computer drawings as a basis for his large sized images, using plotted or printed output and transferring it on canvas by silk screen printing. As he says himself, he has no close relation to colours, and that is why many of his images are held in black-and-white. For the rest, he prefers red and green. Ever since he started working with the computer, his central topic is the face, which he redesigns in the most manifold variations. For him the computer becomes a filtering device for material found along the way as well as a sketching medium. While in his earlier works faces enlarged to form a head shape dominate monochromatic areas, the more recent images depict the representation of a face reduced to its essential basic structures on an ornamentally textured canvas.

So, human faces develop into multilayered geometrical patterns, circles, spirals and meanders, images that remind of earlier Pattern Art.