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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

t0 Public Netbase
Konrad Becker

"t0 Netbase" is a netzine primarily concerned with the interactions of culture and technology, science and politics, art and society.

Information highways, data economy, information wars, interactive media. The slogans of the new technologies of culture are changing the world. Economy, social interaction, language and the understanding of art are implicated in this change . . .

Public Network Terminal is part of the Institute for New Technologies of Culture. Networked PC terminals in the depot provide the visitors with access to scientific, community and private databases around the world in Internet, as well as with an opportunity for an informal global exchange of opinions.

The network team assigns accounts and offers assistance for navigation and research. The t0 World Wide Web Server (on-line publication, database and hypermail) is primarily concerned with the interactions between culture and technology, science and politics, art and society (http://kernighan.imc.akh-wien.ac.at/t0/t0/t0home.htm oder http://www.t0.or.at/netbase.htm).

Digital telecommunication, which is becoming a hypermedium and an expression of the global connectivity of the infosphere, elicts an interpenetration transcending the boundaries of art and science based on a society determined by new technologies. Public netbase (media in the message mess-age) sees itself as a forum for free means of communication and an unrepentant information society.

The data matrix as a basis for culture supported by electronic information technologies requires a new understanding of art and space for the emerging models of art creation.


The economy of perception determines what we observe, but what "real" is, is not definite, and what is definite is not "real". The more referential data there is in a system, the greater the insecurity factor will be, with the growing complexity of a system, it may happen that the precision of a statement is inversely proportionate to its significance Unconscious auxiliary constructions of perception lead like railway bridges through the neverlands of imagination; a glance out of the window of the compartment shows reactive hallucinations of agonizing clarity. By projecting a structure into our world of data points, we "understand" "our world", but the pattern of these structures comes out of our own conceptual world, thereby forming a vicious circle. Who or what controls the genesis and the use of "fossil poems" and oils the metaphorical machine as the ultimate chapel of the chemical wedding? Conquering the borders of suggestive realities requires "dehypnotizing".

In contradiction to the presence of washing powder and household detergents on the media market, we still look upon the notion of brain-washing as strongly negative. The channels are crammed with sticky corporate entertainment and the emotional pestilence of sociological drama-trauma, a diabolical choice of trouble in a multiple choice "mindfuck-o-crazy". The diversified inter-info-entertainment is a seemingly paradox synchronization-paralysis in a "multibind" deadlock. But how do we get rid of this stuff again? How can we avoid permanent cerebral apoplexy in an environment in which the simple phrase "enjoy yourself" is in reality a socio-political provocation? The opening of the doors of perception is a struggle with the "dragon" and the careless will surely burn a fuse. Logic will panic, if you separate meaning from the bed of context. Subjective science and extended symbol manipulation will profit more and more from increasingly intelligent machines. They deliver descriptions of multidimensional correlations and simulations of transhuman realities; characteristically, it is the metaphories of new technologies rather than the technology itself which gain attention in the media and the public. The meeting place of imagination and cybernetics ­ the science of the controlling mechanism ­ is the battlefield of the social engineering concerning the psychocybernetic coordinates of the world models. Alliances are formed across the tribal borders of organic and inorganic intelligence: "Wings Over the Worlds!" (W. O. W.). The spirit of the "Deus ex Machina", the mutiny of machines, the revolt of artificial intelligence is the happy news: Transcendence of programs is possible!