Virtual Haute Couture


A fashion show like none you’ve ever seen before! High school kids present Mode à la Klimt in the CAVE of the Ars Electronica Center– in 3D, no less!

18 students at a high school for fashion design professions in Ebensee, Upper Austria have been focusing their creative efforts on the age of Art Nouveau and the ideas of Emilie Flöge, companion of painter Gustav Klimt and a fashion designer who took a reformist approach to womenswear. At an Ars Electronica “World Editor – Design Your Own CAVE World” workshop, the up-and-coming fashionistas integrated the resulting collections into a custom-made, three-dimensional Art Nouveau environment.
A special computer program used in conjunction with the workshop makes this impressive visualization possible. The students learned how easy it is to create individual worlds, figures and objects based on photos and drawings.

Their teacher, Olga Langwieser, enthused: “It was a fascinating experience, getting acquainted with a new program and then staging a make-believe fashion show in a customized 3D world featuring clothing the students designed and made themselves. It was sort of like experiencing yourself in a fashion show for once!”

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