The Ars Electronica Center is participating in “Powergirls,” a pilot project designed to get girls in Upper Austria interested in high-tech at a very early stage of their academic and career paths.

Regardless of which institution of higher education they decide to attend and which occupation they ultimately choose, young girls from all types of schools who are interested in technology ought to be given the opportunity to meet other girls with similar interests, to swap experiences and insights, and to take part in specialized seminars and events designed to intensify their knowledge of and enthusiasm for high-tech. This initiative is being carried out by Education Highway.

At the Ars Electronica Center, 12-year-old girls attend workshops and take guided tours that introduce them to multimedia technologies and careers that involve working with them. At the “Put Yourself in the Picture” workshop, participants can acquire basic image processing skills and take a creative approach to their self-portraits. During the tour, girls get explanations of the technical aspects behind the museum’s interactive installations and view works by female media artists.

Projects created by previous workshop participants are on display in the Powergirls Gallery. And you can also experience them in their own special CAVE worlds in the Museum of the Future.

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