31.08. 10:15-10:45


Opening Electrolobby

David Cuartielles


David Cuartielles, curator for Electrolobby 2006, will briefly introduce the series of workshops and minishops to happen at the lobby at this year's festival.


31.08. 10:45-11:15


Python Presentation

Jurgen Scheible


Jurgen, facilitator for the Python S60 workshop, will present his workshop and make an introduction to what is possible to do with a mobile phone.


31.08. 11:15-11:45


Puredata Presentation

Hans C. Steiner, Koray Tahiroglu


Hans and Koray will introduce Puredata, the software package for life sound performance and the agenda for their workshop.


31.08. 11:45-12:15


Arduino Presentation

Massimo Banzi, Dave Mellis, Gianluca Martion, David Cuartielles


Massimo Banzi will introduce some basic concepts about the philosophy behind Arduino: physical computing, dirty interactive prototyping, and tinkering.


31.08. 12:15-12:45


Openframeworks Presentation

Zach Lieberman, Henrik Wrangel


The responsibles for the Openframeworks workshop will present their ideas on animation, computer vision, and image processing.


31.08. 12:45-13:15


Origatronica Presentation

Bjorn Wahlstrom, Thomas Ness


Bjorn and Thomas will briefly introduce different techniques for working with cardboard and electronics when prototyping.


31.08. 14:30-15:00


EMI Presentation

Enrique Tomas, EMI group


Enrique will present his ideas behind building simple interactive music instruments and the basics behind his minishop at the lobby.


31.08. 15:00-16:00


Openframeworks Lecture on Animation

Henrik Wrangel


Henrik will make an introduction to basic animation techniques using the Openframeworks collection of libraries.


31.08. 16:00-17:00


Arduino I/O Lecture

Massimo Banzi


Inputs and Outputs to microcontroller technology is not rocket science. Massimo will explain about different sensor technologies and ways for solving complex interactions in creative ways.


31.08. 17:00-17:30


Rocking Chair

Marcus Hannerstig, Pontus Stalin, Christian Flindt


The Rocking Chair is a physical computing piece that replaces water with light. Rows of LEDs fill in a modern version of a rocking chair. This piece is on display at Electrolobby 2006.


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