03.09. 10:00-11:00


Python S60 - Mobile Python

Jurgen Scheible


Jurgen will serve a selection of examples as part of his workshop on programming mobile phones with python. Follow him on stage and continue later at the python workshop's desk. (Follow it by the Python workshop)


03.09. 11:00-12:00


VIDALIFE competition

Jose Carlos Mariategui


Jose will present the Vidalife competition. You can see more detailed information at www.vidalife.org


03.09. 12:00-13:00


Puredata - Cases

Hans C. Steiner/Koray Tahiroglu


Hans and Koray will follow up talking about their experiences with the hottest open source GUI-based programming language.


03.09. 13:00-14:00


Cross-over sessions

Henrik Wrangel, Marcus Hannerstig


Henrik will make a special presentation for the participants to the other workshops. (Follow this by the openframeworks workshop table)

Marcus will start a quick Arduino workshop for newbies. (Follow this minishop at the table behind the Kitchen)


03.09. 15:00-15:30


How to do Overhead

Kristoffer Gansing, Linda Hilfling - E.A.T. SweDen


Kristoffer and Linda, from www.overheads.org, successfully ran a mini-conference in media-archeology called "The Art of the OverHead" in Copenhagen in 2005. Now they are launching the second edition of this special event and will present it at Electrolobby.


03.09. 16:00-19:00



Marcos Garcia et al.


Interactivos? is an initiative for collaborative art production initiated at Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid as part of the educational program of Medialab Madrid. Marcos will introduce the first experiences of this group and will invite many of the artists at Electrolobby 2006 to come on stage and speak about their pieces.


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