Radio FRO Conference

Ars Electronica Center / SKY Medialoft
03.09. 10:30-15:00

Radio FRO Conference
Re-Defining Public Service. What is Public Value and What do Community Media have to do with It?

The media world’s complexity as well as the density of its information offerings have increased exponentially due to the emergence of new network media like weblogs and wikis. Simultaneously, “old” analog technologies like community radio & TV are themselves undergoing a renaissance as instruments that explicitly perform public service functions and thus produce “public value.” These developments have put pressure on public broadcasting systems to justify their status as recipients of financing from mandatory subscriber fees.

10.30 - 12.30      Panel A: Public Value Media.

Definition of “public broadcasting” in a changed media environment: the role and “public value” of community media, and the public service functions that various media perform; panelists will include representatives
of public broadcasting systems (BBC, ORF, ARD), scholars, artists and representatives of community media.

12.30 - 13.00      Break or Radio FRO live live program from the Sky

13.00 - 15.00      Panel B: Media Policy & Community Media.

Discussion of free & community media’s relevance to governmental media policymaking and efforts to encourage the citizenry’s active commitment to democracy, as well as the legal frameworks and financing schemes with respect to media currently in effect in European democratic states; panelists will include representatives of European institutions (EU Commission, The European Council), politicians and scholars.

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