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Ars Electronica Center / SKY Medialoft
01.09. 11:00-23:59

u19 - Event

Awards ceremony and presentation of the winning projects as well as the recipients of the Awards of Distinction and Honorary Mentions in the u19 - freestyle computing category. This year's Golden Nica prizewinners are between 13 and 15 years old, and thus the youngest winners in the history of u19. Out of 691 submissions in which a total of 1,230 young people were involved, the jury selected the following winners.

The Winners

Abenteuer-Arbeitsweg - Golden Nica
Krmpf Krmpf Studios / Ehrentraud Hager, Alexander Niederklapfer, David Wurm, Magdalena Wurm (13-15 years)
Linz, Oberösterreich / Upper Austria

Robofisch - Award of Distinction
Robotik / Robotics
Robogreiner / Ralph Aichhorn, Katharina Greul, Felix Gruber, Fabian Guschelbauer (12 years)
Kirchdorf, Oberösterreich / Upper Austria

Faceology - Award of Distinction
Grafik / Graphics
Irene Kriechbaum (18 years)
Timelkam, Oberösterreich / Upper Austria

Kiwi-Monster - Honorary Mention
Grafik / Graphics
Lisa Steiner (10 years)
Tobelbad, Steiermark / Styria

Die Fische und der Hai - Honorary Mention
Stjepan Miliæeviæ, Markus Weber (8 years)
Wien / Vienna

Comic-Life: Musik-Comic der 3C - Honorary Mention
The ThreeCees / 3C BRG Landeck (12 years)
Landeck, Tirol / Tyrol

Piep! - Honorary Mention
PIEP - Diehlgasse (11-14 years)
Wien / Vienna

Winamp Fernsteuerung - Honorary Mention
Dominik Amschl (16 years)
Tobelbad, Steiermark / Styria

Donaufischer.at, der Fischertreffpunkt im (Fischer-)Netz - Honorary Mention
Gabriel Freinbichler (14 years)
Aschach/Donau, Oberösterreich / Upper Austria

Ich kauf mir 'ne Rakete - Honorary Mention
Jiri Kuban (17 years)
Linz, Oberösterreich / Upper Austria

War - Honorary Mention
Nana Susanne Thurner (13 years)
Bad Leonfelden, Oberösterreich / Upper Austria

ac_form - Honorary Mention
Software development
Emanuel Jauk (19 years)
Graz, Steiermark / Styria

www.zu-fall.net.ms - Honorary Mention
Internet application / Website
Thomas Hainscho (19 years)
Maria Saal, Kärnten / Carinthia

Trick und Politik - Sachpreis für Kreative bis 10 Jahre
1C / GRG1 Stubenbastei (10 years)
Wien / Vienna

Wunderwelt Candy CAVE - Sachpreis für Kreative von 11 - 14 Jahren
Julius Lugmayr (11 years)
Linz, Oberösterreich / Upperaustria

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