Takashi’s Seasons
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02.09.-04.09. 21:00-22:30

Takashi’s Seasons
Takashi Kawashima (JP) Togo Kida (JP) Yoshimasa Niwa (JP)

Takashi’s Seasons is a sequential live shadow puppet / video performance in which various scenes interpreting the four seasons are performed by a modern Utsushi-e artist.

By shine:
Sa/Sat 2.9.     So/Sun 3.9.     Mo/Mon 4.9.
21:00 - 22:30   Hauptplatz

By rain:
So/Sun 3.9.     During the “Some Sounds and Some Fury” intermissions
Mo/Mon 4.9.    Following “Digital Musics in Concert”
21:00 - 22:30    Brucknerhaus




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