Information Design

Real-time 3D application for Knapp Systemintegration GmbH

A trade show presentation of industrial infrastructure that’s as big as an entire building is definitely not what you would call a simple assignment. KNAPP Systemintegration specializes in providing complete end-to-end logistic solutions in complex, highly automated
warehouses. In order to provide the technology & market leader in this field with an instrument commensurate with its needs, we created virtual counterparts of current KNAPP products that impressively explain how these systems function and in which areas they can be deployed.
The application is set up to be multilingual, and the configuration can be customized at will. The content can be adapted and expanded depending on the particular target audience. This virtual application can be supplemented with additional information about any KNAPP system in the form of either moving pictures or slide shows. In this way, the application remains constantly updated and is infinitely expandable.
With virtual industrial systems at trade shows

The space and time required to set up KNAPP’s complete line of products at a trade show make such an undertaking totally unfeasible. Moreover, for safety and security reasons, it’s often impossible to do a close-up, walk-through inspection of many of the technical innovations of real industrial systems. This is where the flexibility of a virtual environment is a tremendous advantage. The customer has access to all areas of the infrastructure in order to be able to study complex motion sequences and the interaction of individual components. The application currently features five languages; depending on the specific trade show, the content can be customized to the particular target audience. Here, flexibility has top priority.

A Stereoscopic Tool as a Marketing Instrument

A 3D passive stereo variant was deployed as a projection system. Here, two high-performance projectors let customers experience the spatial dimensions of the virtual infrastructure in a 3D cinema. The system delivers a perfect spatial impression, is simple to use, and well-suited to space constraints operative at a trade show.

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