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Drehscheibe Linz (Linz Hub)

Architectural Visualization of the “Linz Hub” Transportation Interface Using the ARSBOX at the Ars Electronica Center

This virtual model of a proposed construction project was commissioned by the NAVEG Local Transportation Construction Corp. The visualization of this large-scale urban planning project using the ARSBOX makes it possible to take a virtual tour through the structures that are going to be built and to get a realistic impression of the new infrastructure and the improved public transportation connections that will result. The life-size environment includes the entire zone surrounding the main train station including the terminal complex itself, the Administrative Services Center of the Government of the Province of Upper Austria, the new Linz Office Tower, and the surrounding network of streets. Of particular interest to residents of Linz is the planned local transportation concept—including a bus terminal and streetcar underpass—that will have a direct positive impact on the routes of many commuters.

Horst Hörtner
Senior Executive Developer

Werner Pötzelberger

Andreas Jalsovec

Andreas Riedler

Florian Berger

Peter Freudling

Pascal Maresch
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