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Confetti in Klangtheater GanzOhr

Sound theater for kids in conjunction with the television series Confetti TiVi and the “Klangtheater GanzOhr” project.

In line with its programming philosophy of motivating children to develop a positive mental attitude, Confetti TiVi also supports those cultural initiatives in Austria that offer special programs for kids—for instance, RadioKulturhaus’ Sunday offerings for young people are regularly promoted on Confetti TiVi. Thus, the development of a special kids’ sound show designed in Confetti style for KlangTheater GanzOhr actually constitutes an intensification of the collaboration between RadioKulturhaus and Confetti TiVi, and is meant to get children better acquainted with the fascinating tonal worlds of radio. The Ars Electronica Futurelab developed the storyboards and had a lot of input into the staging of the visual material. Writing the control software and its implementation into the Klangtheater system were also the work of the Ars Electronica Futurelab.

Volker Christian

Vaclav Cizkovsky

Dietmar Offenhuber
Keyresearcher / Interactive Spaces

Joachim Smetschka

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