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A simulation of a robot unit featuring an innovative programming device was visualized in the form of a virtual menu control in the CAVE.

The Ars Electronica Futurelab collaborated with the firm Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH to develop a digital double of a robot unit whose innovative programming device was visualized in the form of a virtual menu control. In order to demonstrate to visitors the complex way in which this device functions, an interactive environment was created for the CAVE.

The application was ultimately enhanced into a tool for the planning and programming of linear production units. This enables engineers to arrange and prepare complex assembly lines even prior to construction of their architectural environments. The completely programmed robots are then installed in the production plant, thus eliminating costly delays.

The future-oriented Wittmann Corp., in seeking an appropriate form of presentation for its high-tech products, opted for a joint venture with the Ars Electronica Futurelab and utilized the visualization possibilities afforded by virtual space mediated via mobile VR systems in order to play up its lead in the tech sector with an equally leading-edge form of presentation of its innovations.


Horst Hörtner
Senior Executive Developer

Andreas Jalsovec
Keyresearcher / Visualization

Joachim Smetschka
Video Artist

Klaus Taschler
Video Artist

Cahya Wirawan
Cave Programming

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