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  Documentation - Futurelab Projects for the Landesausstellung "Zeit"

Installation on “Time,” the theme of the Province Expo in Wels.

Visitors entering the “SpaceTimeMirror” got a lead-in to the theme of the Province of Upper Austria’s Expo 2000 in Wels and a sampler of its subject matter provided by mirrored surfaces, projections and a video scanner. The exhibition space was dominated by the “Time Based Installation.” Here, Pete Nevin compiled video sequences into a multimedia scenario dealing with different aspects of time.

Moving on, visitors enter the realm of the “Scanner,” which dissolves the accustomed space-time relationship and provides a glimpse of the trail that visitors had just left behind them. A mobile video unit picks up the presence of those entering the space and tracks their position within it. The video data gathered in this way appear behind a partially mirrored glass surface as a distorted portrait of the observer and his position shifts. For a moment, visitors become a part of the installation and the seemingly so strange world inside the mirror.


Lucy Harrison

Pete Nevin

Sam Auinger
Artist and Sound Designer

Robert Abt
Keyresearcher / Software Development

Christopher Lindinger
Keyresearcher / Virtual Environments

Robert Praxmarer

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