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Augmented reality information system – the technology and content of this installation thematicize approaches to so-called augmented reality.

This information system offers a playful way to access background information about the Hidden Worlds theme exhibit at the Ars Electronica Center, but its function goes beyond that of an info-terminal. The installation itself is based upon an augmented reality application that, in this case, serves the purpose of information dissemination.

The user watches a monitor and seems to look through the floor of one of the upper levels of the Museum of the Future into the building’s lobby. Visitors moving through the field of view captured by the video camera influence a virtual organic structure whose nodes stand for individual information domains. The user can select only the content that is presented on that particular screen in the form of photos, video and text material.
The content presented within the framework of the Hidden Worlds theme covers a wide spectrum ranging from the beginnings of navigation and astronomy, to making the invisible visible, all the way to the latest developments in the field of augmented reality.


Helmut Höllerl
Keyresearcher / Digital Surfaces

Pascal Maresch
Content Management

Stefan Schilcher

Florian Landerl

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