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Imagining - Urbis

Projection-based interface for the visualization of cultural content in a dynamic three-dimensional environment for the “Urbis” museum project in Manchester.

Imagining is part of the Urbis museum project in Manchester, England. The modular information platform on which the installation is based invites visitors to create virtual cities through interaction with a flow of media. The results are three-dimensional, dynamic skylines that are projected onto a panorama screen. The individual cities (City of Pleasures, Emotions, Imaginations and Senses) are embedded within scenarios derived from crystalline, organic and urban structures as well as one modeled on outer space.

A special feature is the projection-based interface that allows for great freedom in the placement of functions and content on the user interface. The interaction is based solely on the visual markings that are a product of the communication flow and thus underscores the dynamism of the installation

Concept / Partner: Peter Higgins, Land Design Studio; Lol Sargent, Simple Productions, Productionscience

Sam Auinger
Artist and Sound Designer

Dietmar Offenhuber
Keyresearcher / Interactive Spaces

Helmut Höllerl
Keyresearcher / Digital Surfaces

Erwin Reitböck

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