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"Gulliver’s World": Fun at play in the digital dimension
Create virtual worlds – now it’s quick and easy, and, most of all, a whole lot of fun! In November, the Ars Electronica Center presents a fascinating lineup of events revolving around the new Gulliver’s World installation. High-tech fascination made in Linz.

Advanced capabilities combined with user-friendly controls—the Gulliver’s World installation sets new standards at the Museum of the Future. Seven interactive stations enable visitors—both young and old—to design virtual worlds and their inhabitants, and to even “beam” themselves into these artificial environments by means of video imaging and 3-D projections.
The highlight of Ars Electronica’s November program will be a Gulliver’s World competition featuring great prizes. Plus, the Center will be offering three special workshops providing advanced skills for travelers to Gulliver’s World—whether you’re interested in upgrading your background in game design, narrative construction or setting up digital characters, there’s something for every age group. The program culminates with the Gulliver’s World Action Day on November 28.
Gulliver’s World is an innovative application featuring such leading-edge technologies as RFID chips, 3-D scanning procedures, virtual projections and camera recognition & tracking. It was developed exclusively at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, providing yet another compelling example of the realization of the creative potential at work at Ars Electronica in Linz.

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