Introducing The FutureEverything Award and FutureEverything Festival


So 6.9.
14:00  Р15:00

Brucknerhaus, History Stage

With: Drew Hemment (Director and CEO of FutureEverything and Futuresonic)

Launching a new international art award, The FutureEverything Award, recognising outstanding achievement for innovation in the arts, society and technology, and announcing the dates of the inaugural FutureEverything festival: 12-15 May 2010.

After 15 years, Futuresonic is changing its name to FutureEverything, introduced here by the Director and founder of the festival, Drew Hemment. FutureEverything and its acclaimed conference, the Social Technologies Summit, is a destination for a world-wide community of creative visionaries in digital media and contemporary art.

The FutureEverything Award celebrates creative projects which bring the future into the present. The prizes are awarded by an international jury following a rigorous and transparent assessment process.

An opportunity to learn about the new award, the motivation for the name change of Futuresonic to FutureEverything, and the evolving curatorial focus of the festival, followed by discussion on the changing international festival landscape.

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