Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg
Lutz Pankow (DE), Alexander Holtkamp (DE), Leonhard Angerer (DE)
2. 9. – 7. 9.

The PROBEN (Trials) exhibition features objects designed and produced between 1981 and 2009 by design students at the HFBK-University of Fine Arts Hamburg. All are fully functional, full scale model vehicles—for example, sleds, concept cars, mopeds and scooters, a bicycle powered by a cordless screwdriver and an ultra-light long-distance cruiser propelled by rubber bands. Here, the accent is on bringing forth an actual object, the direct implementation of an idea in the form of a prototype.

Lutz Pankow (DE),
Alexander Holtkamp (DE),
Leonhard Angerer (DE),

Works on display:

  • Fahrrad: Erich Münkel
  • Roller: Sebastian Mends-Cole, Büro für Gestaltungsfragen, Karsten Kulke, Jens Bode
  • Wanderer: Oliver Fellinghauer
  • WYSIWYS – What You See Is What You Surf: Michael Dachselt
  • Hydro: Leonhard Angerer, Alexander Holtkamp, Lucas Wallusch
  • Falterle: René Sieber
  • Biegeschlitten: Jonas von Ostrowski
  • Steckschlitten: Martin Schmitz
  • Hydrofoil: Leonhard Angerer
  • 24 Hours Are Not Enough: Aaron Rauh, Nicolas Schrader
  • Motoscooter: Lucas Wallusch
  • Smovee: Norbert Staffend
  • All our dreams are made of chrome: Leonhard Angerer
  • EX: Sebastian Auray, Ruben Faber, Nils Ferber, Lodolf von Oldershausen
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