Ocean of Light: Surface


The Ocean of Light project explores the creative and immersive possibilities of light-based visualization in physical space. It uses hardware to create dynamic, interactive and three-dimensional sculptures from light. Surface, the first artwork to be exhibited using the Ocean of Light hardware, is a responsive virtual eco-system that occupies physical space. This space is dominated by a virtual surface, the boundary between two fluid virtual materials. These are affected by sound, nearby noise creates waves that ripple across the surface, but can also trigger luminous blasts. The result is an interconnected environment, overlapping physical and virtual spaces that coexist and are aware of each other.



Ocean of Light: Surface is a Squidsoup project, created by Anthony Rowe (UK), Gareth Bushell, Chris Bennewith (NZ), Liam Birtles (UK) and Ollie Bown (AU), supported by the Technology Strategy Board (UK)

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