Ruhrlandschaften 2010

2. 9. – 7. 9. REPAIR Lounge

A selection of 40 photographs Christina Kubisch took during her travels through the Ruhrgebiet are mounted—arranged in no particular order—on a wall. Just like a visitor to a museum, everyone partaking of these works is issued an audio guide; entering the ID number of a particular image launches the playback of the soundscape that belongs to the image. However, this is not the acoustic sound of the location but rather its magnetic sound. The locations are likewise marked in the form of numbers on a map of the northern Ruhr District. Like participants in a treasure hunt, installation visitors seek, localize and pair the images and the sounds. The sounds are softly transported around the installation space and continually remixed by the open loudspeaker system of the audio guides.

This work was commissioned in the context of the project mapping the region for RUHR2010/European cultural capital 2010 by the sculpture museum of Marl and was presented there first in spring 2010.

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