Wave Catcher

2. 9. – 7. 9.

To make “Wave Catcher,” the film crew traveled through the northern Ruhr District from November 2009 to March 2010. The selection of shooting locations was made primarily on the basis of acoustic rather than visual criteria. Various situations that come up in everyday life were filmed with both the real ambient sounds audible on site and the electromagnetic sounds received at the same location. The countless traffic arteries and train stations alternate with hidden corners of the inner city, public buildings, construction sites, power plants, high-tension lines, security systems, shopping malls, collections in museums, industrial wastelands, waiting rooms and the occasionally idyllic surrounding countryside. The various sound strata give rise to a discrepancy of perception that calls into question what is familiar and well-known.

Konzept, Regie und elektromagnetische Tonaufnahmen: Christina Kubisch (DE)
Kamera und Schnitt: Peter Simon (DE)
Sound: Eckehard Güther (DE)

This work was commissioned in the context of the project mapping the region for RUHR2010/European cultural capital 2010 by the sculpture museum of Marl and was presented there first in spring 2010.

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