u19 – freestyle computing exhibition

“u19 – freestyle computing” is Austria’s largest computer competition for young people. Held annually in conjunction with the Prix Ars Electronica, u19 has established itself since its founding in 1998 as the link between the spirit of youthful creativity and our world’s high-tech future. Over the years, thousands of Austrians youngsters age 19 and under have taken part. The honored projects spanned a wide arc once again this year, ranging from perennial favorites like animated films and videos, to Web 2.0 applications and virtual worlds, all the way to extremely elaborate robotics experiments and complex interactive software.


Goldene Nica / Golden Nica
Automatisierter Drehfußballtisch
Stefan Polic, Michael Moitzi HTL BULME

Auszeichnung / Distinction
eEx Network Applications
Emanuel Jöbstl

Auszeichnung / Distinction
Johannes Masanz

Sachpreis u10 / Merchandise Prize u10
Der weiße Hai
Matthias Riedler

Sachpreis u14 / Merchandise Prize u14
Vom Himmel gefallen
Michael Schmidl

Anerkennungen / Honorary Mention

  • Brain Computer Interface
    Alexander Berth, Armin Schnürer HTL Leonding, g.tec – guger Technologies
  • Over the top: Episode 1
    Tarek Khalifa
  • is this Healthy? – vom Barcode zu gesundheitsrelevanten Daten am Handy
    Johannes Schrefl
  • Terraforming
    Nikolaus Sulzenauer
  • ASYL
    Thomas Gatt, Manuel Tilgner
    BG/BRG Sillgasse
  • Move It
    Julia Molnar, Bianca Biedrawa, Yuliya Potapova Landstraßer Gymnasium
  • more than just a box & trashed
    Florian Grünberger
  • MediaDropBox
    Romana Dorfer
  • HomeMadiLex . workshop-sounds
    Matthias Bergsmann HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung Linz
  • 3d-dancing-diving-devils
    Tolga Cosar, Elena Kihr, Philip Mader, Matthias Zeni, Johannes Christler Dr. Aloys Weissenbach HS

Idea / Concept / Project Management: Susi Windischbauer

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