Raise your voice

Ars Electronica Center, Level +2
30.7. – 26.9.

“Raise Your Voice” is an often-exclaimed call to speak out loud and clear and to take action against global inequities and social evils. You’ll be getting an earful from artists whose works endeavor to build bridges between abstract facts & figures and the actual facts & circumstances of everyday life. Efforts that take the form of critical documentation, creative use of previously resources, or exhortations to get actively involved – to speak out in no uncertain terms and make your protest resound for all to hear. This won’t be a swan song dedicated to the good old days; the name of this tune is “You Better Move On”!

You can get further information at the Ars Electronica Center webpage.


  • Complaints Choir (2005-2010)
    Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen
  • Plastic Planet (2009)
    Werner Boote
  • Plastic Bag (2009)
    Ramin Bahrani
  • Midway – Message From The Gyre (2009)
    Chris Jordan
  • Plastiki (Seit/Since 2006)
    David de Rothshild
  • Sam10 (2009)
    Sam Todo
  • The Urban Prospector (2009)
    Jon Cohrs, Matt Ortega, Dan Winikur
  • Urgent Evoke (2010)
    Jane Mcgonigal a.o.
  • Trash Track(2009)
    Senseable City Lab
  • Erlebbarmachen Abstrakter Informationen (2010)
    Stefan Kuzaj, Jochen Winker
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