Sense the invisible

h.o Solo Exhibition 2010

29.07. – 12.09. at the Ars Electronica Center

The “Sense the Invisible” exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center features interactive works by h.o, a 15-person artists’ collective whose leading light is Hideaki Ogawa (JP). Since 1999, this crew— with a constantly evolving lineup of personnel—has been staging encounters with various phenomena manifested by our modern Information Society.

The group’s interest was initially focused on aspects such as time and communication; their recent works have dealt increasingly with social inter-action and visions of the future. Hideaki and Emiko Ogawa have been Artists in Residence at Ars Electronica since 2007. In this exhibition, which is divided among several locations, the Ars Electronica Center provides insights into the diversity of h.o’s projects.

Members of h.o:
Hideaki Ogawa, Emiko Ogawa, Junichi Yura, Taizo Zushi, Yuichi Tamagawa, Mizuya Sato, Yoko Minagawa, Satoshi Onodera, Sakura Toyabe, Kaori Honda, Shota Ishimura, Yukiko Okamura, Yuichiro Haraguchi, Tomonori Kondo, Ayano Urabe

You can get further information at the Ars Electronica Center webpage

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