blood & tears

1. 9. 19:30 Opening
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Ars Electronica and voestalpine jointly present “blood & tears,” the latest work by Richard Kriesche and the final installment of a trilogy entitled “ästhetik des kapitals / capital & code / blood & tears.”

This cycle of works for the Marl Sculpture Museum commenced in 2006-07 in the form of a critical confrontation with the facts & circumstances prevailing on the art market and their financial-economic mechanisms. For “capital & code” at Kunsthaus Graz in 2008, Kriesche
installed a high-tech system of movable projectors that covered the interior space with graphics depicting the latest quotes from the stock exchange. The world of the financial markets (that just happened to be collapsing at the time) was thus shifted into the Kunstraum and ist functional mechanisms subjected to a critical discussion.

A similar system is utilized in “blood & tears.” But this time, the latest transactions involving social and cultural values are transmitted into the space of a multinational corporation. A computer program analyzes how often terms like art, capital, human rights and climate change currently occur in the internet, generates charts depicting these statistics, and projects them onto the walls of a hall voestalpine uses for formal receptions. This completes the circle of reciprocal references with which Kriesche calls upon us to face technologization,
mediatization and informatization as human-ecological challenges.

richard kriesche is showing the installation „blood & tears“ in the voestalpine stahlwelt during the ars electronica in cooperation with the company knapp ag.

„blood & tears“ was produced jointly by Ars Electronica and voestalpine AG. Additional support was provided by: Knapp AG, Hart bei Graz; Oberbank AG, Linz; Mediasystem, Gleisdorf; G-TEC Open Source Solutions, Graz; MKFX, Graz; IT Studio Wenzel Wondra

voestalpine Stahlwelt
The World of Steel

voestalpine is a multinational corporation whose subsidiaries—both specialized and highly flexible divisions—produce, process and develop high-quality steel products. voestalpine Stahlwelt–The World of Steel is a place of encounter where visitors get a captivating multimedia briefing on an important material and one of the leading companies supplying it to the world. Its unique concept combines architecture and exhibits into a one-of-a-kind setting for acquiring information and enjoying an unforgettable experience—total immersion in the fascinating world of voestalpine.

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