2 Days to go

Sunday was not too quite, visitors filled the festival with life, the conferences were busy, if you want to check out some of the discussions using #square2 on Twitter, the participants of Public Square Squared joined an intensive onlinedebate, and you can also watch the the videos on Youtube.

There’s 2 more days left to check out the exhibitions of Ars Electronica, the Brucknerhaus is host to the the winners of Prix Ars Electronica presenting their work, starting at 10 am, and in the evening, there’s music: Go to the Brucknerhaus for Digital Musics in Concert starting at 8 pm, or to the Maindeck of AEC with GelbGut, Tesla Orchestra, Cherry Sunkist and more, playing from 8.30 pm.

The weather will be fine, as well!

Marktplatz der Talente


The Nibelungenbrücke is not just a plattform for traffic, but a plattform for knowledge and talent. Thanks to all who have made the Marktplatz der Talente a huge success!

Sunday? Conferenceday!

The Klangwolke was spectacular, the Danube turned into a stadium, impressive, impressive.

Today’s conferences are going to be softer, but no less inspiring. Public Square Squared tries to answer the questions about how internettechnologies have influence on revolutions, on democracy, on freedom. Starting 10.30 am in the Brucknerhaus, if you can’t make it, use #square2 as hashtag and join the discussion through Twitter.

Pixelspaces are syncing science and arts. Also they are looking for OHMI, the one handed musical instrument. Starting 10 am in the Sky Loft AEC.

The Architekturforum Oberösterreich is host to the second day of Sensing Place – Placing Sense, featuring Sam Auinger. Starting 10 am.

And last, not least, there’s Scenes & Structures at the Seminarraum at AEC. The schedule has changed, the conference starts earlier, namely at 1.30 pm.

Join the conferences, or check out the exhibitions, there’s plenty to do on this sunny day.

Kick off the weekend!

Day 3 of Ars Electronica 2011 is over, Sam Auinger bridged day and night in an impressive manner at Neuer Dom, fantastic experience!

Today the Nibelungenbrücke is going to close for the Marktplatz der Talente, spreading know-how all around.

The Brucknerhaus hosts ORIGIN SYMPOSIUM III and IV, with one change: In the afternoon, the symposium goes on in the Brucknerhaus, while at the Deep Space at AEC, there’s going to be the presentation of “LHC- Large Hadron Collider”, the first coffee-table book about CERN. Rolf-Dieter Heuer will premiere the book together with Franzobel, author, and Lois Lammerhuber, the publisher. They will be accompied by 6 members of the Wiener Philharmoniker, who are going to “Beautiful Music for a Beautiful Beast (Music for the Large Hadron Collider)” by Ralph Schutti (AT).

You can watch the streams from yesterdays symposium following the links: ORIGIN SYMPOSIUM I

Enjoy day 4 at Ars Electronica 2011!

AEC does not yet say Good-Night

The night has just started. At the Maindeck and STWS the Nightline is just about to start, featuring Tesla Orchestra, Daito Manabe, POP:SCH and others. And the Neuer Dom is host to a soundinstallation par excellence!

It was very nice in the Hausruck

The first two panels of the ORIGIN-Symposium are up and running, spreading knowledge on the highest level. The trip to the Hausruck was great, check out the video below.


Ariane Koek of ARTS@CERN presents her highlights


Seriously Playful – Playfully Serious and “Sayonara” – Teasers

ORIGIN – how it all begins is officially in full swing. The exhibitions are open, the program runs smoothly, and the weather will be back to sunny soon. To feed your appetite, here’s two teasers, one for the Tsukuba-University-Exhibition “Seriously Playful – Playfully Serious”, the other for the Android-Theatre “Sayonara”.