Android-Human Theater “Sayonara”(Good-bye)

Hiroshi Ishiguro (JP), one of the crowdpleasers as Featured Artist of last year’s Ars Electronica, has been working on of the oldest dreams of humanity for quite a long time, namely the dream of recreating yourself as a machine. By now he has managed to built an android which is next to indistinguishable from himself. With his creation he has come close to his goal of human and android interacting with each other on the same level.

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Between dusk and dawn, Sam Auinger, featured artist at Ars Electronica 2011, will impart motion to the spatial volume of Linz’s St. Mary’s Cathedral by means of a sound installation featuring performative elements

“100 000 m³ bewegte luft ” (2011 ) soundinstallation with performance by Sam Auinger
Soundinstallation: Sam Auinger
Soundmaterial: Sam Auinger, Tamtam (Raumfarben)
Performance: Technologies (David Moss, voc. ; Hannes Strobl, e- doublebass; Sam Auinger, electronics) and Wolfgang Kreuzhuber, organs.