Sam Auinger (AT/DE) is an acoustic conceptioneer, sound artist and composer working in Linz and Berlin. He’s the featured artist at Ars Electronica 2011. He and Bruce Odland (US) have been collaborating very productively since 1989—O+A’s emphasis is on “hearing perspective (…) thinking with the ears.”
Odland and Auinger’s forte is staging large-scale sound installations in urban public spaces that reconfigure the city’s (traffic) noise into a harmonious sound experience in real time.

Auinger also frequently works together with city planners and architects. He often attends international symposia, where he reports on his artistic work and investigations at the nexus of urban planning, architecture, media sensory perception and sound, which are also the most important aspects of his teaching activities as a professor of experimental sound design at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Sam Auinger talks about his projects at ORIGIN – how it all begins, credit: Ars Electronica


02.09.2011 Fr/Fr 20:54 – 03.09.2011 Sa/Sat 05:13

St. Mary’s Cathedral in Linz is Austria’s largest church, a space with extreme dimensions and volumes.
The title of Sam Auinger’s “sound installation with performative elements” that will run in this space from dusk to dawn refers to the volume of this piece of constructed cultural history.

100,000 m3 of moving air is the basis of this “model & experiential space serving as a setting for an inquiry into the self and the community in the 21st century.” This work, the interplay of sound, light, materiality and architectural form, will enable the audience to experience this space’s basic atmospheric quality.
The acoustic event set in the cathedral will be the highlight of a three-hour ZeitTon live broadcast on radio station Ö1.

Sam Auinger (sound installation, sound material, electronics), Tamtam (spatial tones), David Moss (Vocals / US), Hannes Strobl (electric double bass/ AT), Wolfgang Kreuzhuber ( organ / AT)


O+A (Sam Auinger / Bruce Odland)
01.09.2011 Do/Thu – 06.09.2011 Di/Tue
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Freiraum

Linz R2 is a real-time resonance work, a sound installation in a public space—the long, open courtyard area adjacent to the Lentos Art Museum’s entrance. Auinger and Odland’s work is an acoustic transformation experience: two resonance pipes affixed to the ends of the Lentos Museum building perform a real-time transformation of the surrounding urban soundscape into a harmonic drone sound that is made audible by two loudspeakers. The artists thereby address the question of the basic tone of urban spaces today and inquire into its interdependencies, the extent to which it can be configured, and thus its cultural connotation.

Gerd Thaller (technician / AT)


O+A (Sam Auinger/Bruce Odland)
03.09.2011 Sa/Sat 18:00, Lentos, Auditorium

In their performance/lecture, Auinger & Odland will elaborate on the so-called sonic commons, their designation for any acoustic ambience that human beings share with one another and in which anyone can become an “earwitness” to the actions of the others. In their acoustic encounter with New York, the duo presents dual-binaural recordings, city sounds transformed live, images and commentary that clearly bring out the contradictions of visual and acoustic information.

Check out his work at www.samauinger.de!

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