As a creative artist, you really have to admire Linz. This is by no means a megalopolis, but the number of institutions here fostering cultural life and the arts is truly impressive. It’s enough to make an out-of-towner a little envious.

One of these facilities is the OK Center for Contemporary Art. Situated in a former school, the OK provides artists working in contemporary genres—defined to be as all-encompassing as possible—a setting in which to develop projects and present them to audiences.

The structure itself was adapted so that the functionalities of a school building could be preserved for the most part while still providing sufficient open space in which to showcase works of art in ways that do justice to them. Ars Electronica is looking forward to staging the CyberArts Exhibition in this very interesting venue.

OK - Offenes Kulturhaus - Credit: OK-Offenes Kulturhaus


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