Musicians & Machines – Big Concert Night


Lentos, Auditorium
19:30: Winfried Ritsch (AT): Heptaklavier
Peter Ablinger (AT): Portrait meiner Eltern

Brucknerhaus, Großer Saal
20:30: Bruckner Orchester Linz (AT), Dante Anzolini (Dirigent / AR)
Edgar Varèse: Arcana für großes Orchester
Alessandro Bavari (IT): Metachaos
Bruckner Orchester Linz (AT), Dante Anzolini (Dirigent / AR)
Friedrich Cerha: Monumentum für Karl Prantl für großes Orchester

21:15 Edgar Varèse: Diverse elektroakustische Arbeiten

Brucknerhaus, Großer Saal
21:40: Open Reel Ensemble (JP)
22:40: Bruckner Orchester Linz (AT), Dante Anzolini (Dirigent / AR)
Dante Anzolini: Principio Passionis

Brucknerhaus, Mittlerer Saal
22:50: Martin Messier (CA), Nicolas Bernier (CA): La chambre des machines

Brucknerhaus, Großer Saal
23:20: Bruckner Orchester Linz (AT), Dante Anzolini (Dirigent / AR)
Alan Hovhaness: Mysterious Mountain op. 132

The ninth edition of the big concert evening will be a return to the origins – those of electronic music – and a look ahead to the new musical spaces being carved out by the pioneers of the present. Heptapiano is an installation and composition by Winfried Ritsch (AT) for seven robotically played pianos centrally controlled via ethernet. Peter Ablinger (AT) will then also make use of two of Ritsch’s self-playing pianos in his very personal work entitled Portrait meiner Eltern. The sound material transferred to the twin concert grands is based on a recording of the voices of Ablinger’s parents as they prayed their daily rosary. Under the direction of Argentine conductor and composer Dante Anzolini – whose tribute to his musical roots entitled Principio Passionis is on the program – the Bruckner Orchestra Linz will play works by such great musical innovators as Edgar Varèse (1883–1965), Friedrich Cerha (born 1926) and Armenian-American composer Alan Hovhaness (1911–2000). Alessandro Bavari (IT), a 2011 Prix Ars Electronica 2011 prizewinner, will present his work Metachaos. For this performance well worth seeing and hearing, Japan’s Open Reel Ensemble has converted an analog recording device into a sound-producing instrument, and plays on (or with) magnetic tape machines salvaged from technological retirement. Nicolas Bernier (CA) and Martin Messier (CA) have created a machine house: La chambre des machines (Prix Ars Electronica 2011, Honorary Mention, Digital Musics & Sound Art). It mechanically-electronically interprets the intonarumoris noise machine thought up by Italian futurist Luigi Russolo. The music performed in this big concert evening will once again be accompanied by extraordinary visualizations: Rainer Kohlberger (AT) will visualize Arcana by Edgar Varèse; Sebastian Neitsch (DE), Refik Anadol (TR), Woeishi Lean (AT) and Efe Mert Kaya (TR) the music of Friedrich Cerha; LIA (AT) optically interprets Dante Anzolini; and Daito Manabe (JP) will collaborate with Motoi Ishibashi (JP) and Satoru Higa (JP) on visualizing Alan Hovhaness’ composition.

The work of Peter Ablinger and Winfried Ritsch is being supported by Klavierhaus Fiedler & Sohn, Am Eisernen Tor 2, 8010 Graz

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  • Johannes

    Auf Euren Seiten steht zwar eine Uhrzeit, aber keine Tagesangabe :-(

  • michaelka

    Die Tagesangabe wird eingebunden, wir hatten kleine technische Schwierigkeiten, die jetzt gelöst wurden. Danke schön für Ihre Feedback!

  • braucht man fuer die brucknerhaus konzerte tickets?

  • michaelka

    Man braucht ein Ticket,wenn man keinen Festivalpass hat.Tickets kosten 39€,ermäßigt 27€.