Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2013

OK im OÖ Kulturquartier

The works screened by the Ars Electronica Animation Festival have been selected from among the most outstanding entries to this year’s Prix Ars Electronica. They display excellence with respect to both content and design, and impressively get across both how expansively the genre has grown as well as the extent to which it already pervades our everyday life—in visible form as digital animation or disguised as simulation.

A Broad Spectrum

In addition to the entertainment industry and computer gaming sector, moving pictures from the computer have long been mainstays in art, industry and science. Accordingly diversified are the 10 programs of this year’s Ars Electronica Animation Festival—including traditional narrative features, abstract experimental works, interactive films, installations and façade projections.
One program lineup features terriffic works of computer animation submitted to the Prix u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD category; another showcases the best of the Japan Media Arts Festival.

The Individual Lineups

— The Experimental program is a collection of innovative design forays in various forms and genres—for instance, works produced in blog format as serial animation by multiple artists.
Music & Images showcases the various modes of interplaying sights and sounds: experimental works configuring interaction between the image and the audio as well as conventional music videos.
— The Narration program spotlights the fact that the short narrative film has carved out a place for itself in the field of computer animation and in digital filmmaking as a whole in recent years.
— The films selected for the Mental States lineup describe sensitive and highly personal mental states and give accounts of people in states of acute emergency.
Sex and Violence: Sexual obsessions, violent fantasies, blood, death and persecution dominate the Late Night lineup. Appropriate for viewers with strong nerves!
— The works screened in Advertisement & VFX highlight the possibilities that have been opened up by open source thinking, and the alternatives to major studio productions in the film industry and the computer game sector.
— High-performance projection technology and software packages have made it possible to bring excellent 3-D visualizations to urban public spaces. Expanded Digital Animation offers a taste.
Memories showcases what has always been animation’s strong suit: the visualization of worlds of feeling and remembrance.

There’s a detailed and comprehensive program brochure especially for the Ars Electronica Animation Festival.

Sun 8.9. 10:00-21:00
OK im OÖ Kulturquartier

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